The problem is not a collective lack of desire for a better future, it has perhaps been the lack of a collective vehicle for positive action.

Until now.

Powerful, Universal, Automatic:


Revolutionary, Convenient, Easy:


GENR8 ELEV8R prototype demo, employing MONDEX8 logic and systems behind the scenes seamlessly integrates calendar, location and commerce: plus it is all private + secure.

One of a billion possible built-in applications through MONDEX8.

A remarkable new freeway to UX and interface design.
A revolutionary approach to commerce and taxonomy.
Player controlled and player owned
Let’s play a bigger game:


Quantum Range Selector Device

Elevate Intelligence, today:

Gesture, language, interaction, habit, health, history, preference, taste, color and smell; all have a place in the eighth generational four-dimensional space of the mobile-optimized MONDEX8 multiverse of design architecture, designed from the ground up in the 21st century for today.

GENR8 ELEV8R is the MONDEX8 pushbutton application set, turning it into a fingertip filer!

The Fingertip Filer provides total media control, optimize everything!

Free the design process without impacting processing.

Everything is malleable + available everywhere.

The medium is the massage.

BTW, did you know that is the original phrase, from Marshall McLuhan?

(We’re also Canadian.)

MONDEX8 is the medium.

“Vancouver Man” diagram provides insight into MONDEX8 architecture.
Lavender GENR8 Object Meta Architectural Statement

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