The problem is not a lack of a collective desire for a positive future, it is the lack of a collective vehicle for positive action.

Unparalleled Privacy

AUTOTRIP™ Personal Automation Technology gives you an editable file of your taps, bringing us closer to true intention-based automation.

Realtime Security

Minimalism treat connects you with your own personal block chain currency basis. Own your track and profit from your data.

Get Agency and put Color in Your Future

Get the Canadian edge: MONDEX8.

Elegant and simple streamlined push button design interface invites experience, economy, packs a wallop.

Powerful Automatic Interface

Focuses you

Dynamic API feed permits myriad details in life, such as email, messages, photos and files to be sorted through one visual flow or feed at your fingertips so you can quickly sort in broad categories and go back to living life. MONDEX8 is designed to learn from you. Vital for managing a productive professional life. You choose whatever you want to focus on and organize your day, your future, your moment, all at your fingertips. Your choices, as your record and posts, are inviolably private and secure to you alone and only you, unless and until you choose to share them.

Accelerates return on you

Gesture-controlled ready reference system accelerates your ability to organize thoughts, ideas and your life along with tasks, brands and projects, once, and have the system develop management of it from there, as a starting point. MONDEX8 is designed for the real world, while being precise and elegant in design. No advertising, no bloat-ware, MONDEX8 local architecture permits local speech recognition without Internet access, making speech control a real option, too.

Gives back to you + community as well

Provides a return on your time by creating uniquely registered assets that can be traded, tracked and assigned, developing your options + offers you want to make available to community. This presents the opportunity for residual income resources to you.

Elevated Intelligence

Gesture, language, interaction, habit, health, history, preference, taste, color and smell; all have a place in the eighth generational space of mobile-optimized MONDEX8 multiverse design architecture, designed from the ground up in the 21st century for you now.

MONDEX8 Features

The things you get when buying the Pilot, ‘base model’

Soft focus gaze

Take your digital experience to a new level with true analog to digital transliteration.

Location context

Give a huge boost to your entire digital experience with features specially designed for contextual intelligence experience.

Shock absorption

AI System the true flexibility of GENR8 technology with the Quantum Range SelectorDevice built in at every stage.

Multiple styles available

Empower your possibilities including amazing AI features, specially designed for a smooth integration.

Offline intelligence

Simple but effective system to help you navigate your digital world whether you are online or off.

Compliant with privacy

Experience the real privacy of autonomous security safeguarding your every gesture.

Optimised for Action and stability

You know you want it.


Revolutionary features

Pork belly portland fingerstache pitchfork dreamcatcher, retro lo-fi deep v chillwave fixie kitsch bitters.

Total Media Control

The medium is the massage.