Towards Singularity

Every human has four endowments—self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.

—Stephen R. Covey

Towards democratization through language: MONDEX8 moves through its official role as a language of intent with automagical sorting status, based on the architectonic sampo principles embodied within its structure, towards singularity. Singularity is the right intent of divinely connecting humanity through technology. Singularity increases manifest efficiency by at least an order of magnitude. It does for efficiency, what microprocessors do for data.

Why? Singularity consolidates intention (desire), basing actions on small bases of cooperation and then building up from these until larger and larger synchronicities become readily apparent. Singularity consolidates effort(s), meaning many hands make light(er) work. By monetizing interface, MONDEX8 creates a level playing field based purely on interaction. The beauty? Interaction can be done in advance, and at any time and valuated again and again.

What sort of interaction are you talking about? Anything: an interaction with yourself and your device, an interaction between yourself and someone else; when using your device. Even an interaction. between your device and another person, or another person’s device. How may it be possible to monetize and valuate interaction with a device? By monetizing and valuating preference, itself an infinitely alive set of variables to any human, just as the market currently valuates you based on consumer behavior, MONDEX8 valuates you on your proclivity to produce reproducible algorithms, that is, behaviors worth replicating.

Make no mistake, what you consider replicating and what others think are not the same thing. Sufficient to say that everyone has ‘life hacks’ that help at work, at life, at play. MONDEX8 provides a playing field for these kinds of desires by sharing anonymized but valuated patterns with the world. This creates a revolutionary new form of market, which in itself is a breakthrough. MONDEX8 provides an evolution of interface where users become players, able to ‘plug and play’ elements of the design of their screens to become switchable components able to automatically, literally, become machines for knowledge.

Unlike Apps, MONDEX8 components are highly integrated and all are designed to work with each other. Also unlike Apps, MONDEX8 does not require players to manually add and remove components, MONDEX8 does the plug and play ‘automagically’ in the background, every time your make a new selection.

The system is highly advanced, using an automatic switching and sorting kinetic system based on archetypal principles of human desire(s), mapped to emotion(s) through both color and binary symbol. This makes operation unusual to a 20th century perspective, being algorithmically advanced by combining heuristic and cladistic tendencies; operation is especially intuitive and precise compared to 2019 ‘state-of-the-art’ Android and Apple offerings which embrace ‘flat’ design principles.

What’s next? MONDEX8 is a language of intention, not a final product in and of itself. The expression of MONDEX8 will be in new player environments like ELEV8R, an all-in-one interface that ‘covers’ your smartphone apps to produce a smoother, more powerful overall experience.

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