Many Brands, One Co-Creative Organizational System

Including Currency, UI, UX + Community.

MONDEX8 streamlines and advances the interface experience, broadening your intelligence as it reaches out into your world.

Instead of awkward technology, you get friendly technology, which is all about you.

Your MONDEX8 is literally wired around the way your mind works, so it’s easy.

No pop-ups, ever. No ads. No spam either!

Integrated VR retail, plus your own personal cash register and integrated currency.

Preference technology wires your psychology into colored preference tables.

These tables form automatically over time and create a nice avatar of you.

Because the technology is complex, although easy to operate, it’s protected.

it’s free and it takes care of your calendar, your email and just plain makes life easy.

Privacy, Security, Banking, Shopping, What Else?

MONDEX8 is unlimited in its capacity to organize and disseminate.

It’s virtually automatic because it is literally, the first person programmable software.

Safe enough for a four-year-old, powerful enough to run Fortune 500 companies.

Based on fuzzy-logic harmonic language algorithms, MONDEX8 can do locally what usually requires cloud processing, for instance, most voice-recognition.

MONDEX8 cuts required bandwidth with its X8 ultra taxonomy while supporting ELEV8R’s dynamic requirements.

The benefit to you is faster speed and a smaller ecological footprint; saving cash.

MONDEX8 finishes the smartphone turning it into a (truly) smart appliance, at last.

It frees up our economy and breaks down barriers, while it promotes local trade.

And it puts back the promise of the Internet to make our lives rich indeed.

While it’s greatest feature is speed, the biggest benefit of MONDEX8 overall may be PEACE OF MIND.