MONDEX8 invites us to play a bigger game.

Play is a way to learn who we are; and also what we are about as adults.

In a way, you could say that play is an access to new ways of being.

Play is the metaphor with GENR8’s new X8 technology platform.

Play big: MONDEX8

MONDEX8’s implicit promise is a global fingertip filer. MONDEX8 delivers with an all-new architectural strategy relating universal psychological concepts with innately ergonomic approaches; as it is biomimetically designed, supporting natural gesture or voice-command engineering on a much less onerous pathway than conventional AI. PADS: Personal Architectonic Data System is the harmonic natural language at the heart of MONDEX8.


Biomimetic Technology provides a breakthrough pathway to AI that’s helpfully conversant, and next generation super efficient ‘automagical’ pilot systems for everything from cars to marketing software. This is the kind of efficiency needed to deal with things like global warming and homelessness. Understanding human preferences is what works: getting the most from today’s technology requires integrated ergonomics now; more than any other one factor ergonomics is the defining phi of our generation.

Bryce Maynard Winter, GENR8 TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Vancouver, CANADA

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Built for the future

MONDEX8 is a gesture-based system agreement approach based on X8 taxonomy, an eighth-generation, fourth-dimensional taxon designed and created in Canada, for Canadians anywhere by GENR8 Technology Group Inc.. MONDEX8 is a hybrid path to formalizing new-currency means, so get what you need from a trusted community in a sustainable way while generating liquid capital currency.

Expand Your Dimensions
Live an Advanced Life
with Currency that is ‘Aware’

MONDEX8 facilitates a technological renaissance by harnessing the power of the microchip with eighth generation computing designed to run on seventh generation: existing hardware including everything with a microchip in it from a laptop to a phone.

8th generation technology like MONDEX8 accesses the four dimension of time seamlessly by integrating personal thought processes into a general form of order that facilitates a joining of minds around the planet despite the language being used.

The logical outcome of this will be a natural global trading platform with in-built certification, transparent transaction processing and full integration within personal security and privacy shells, such as MONDEX8: the world’s first level playground

Bryce Maynard Winter 2020-07

About the CEO/Chief Architect

Bryce Maynard Winter is a brand architect, consultant, engineer and designer in the area of organizational design. He has achieved success in various markets and specializations, particularly those with a focus on what it takes to dominate a marketplace, including innovation, creativity, human resources practices, while establishing a unique brand by developing sophisticated brand offers that leverage practical market advantages and opportunities.

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